Offline speech recognition solution QLIFE-ASR01M

2020-12-11 16:06:31

QLIFE-ASR01M offline speech recognition solution

1. Support the recognition of non-specific vocal voice command words in 34 Chinese and foreign languages such as mainland Mandarin, British English, American English, Greek, Spanish, Russian, and French;

2. Support custom command set, custom wake word, support voice response, support serial port transparent transmission to facilitate communication with the main MCU;

3. Built-in mic bias and automatic gain algorithm, using a single mic input can also support 3~5 meters far-field recognition;

4. Support sleep ms-level wake-up function and low-power management;

5. Support recording and playback functions, which can completely replace the functions of traditional voice chips;

6. Support multiple voice wake-up names, and continuous command mode;

7. It can also support other customizable functions;

8. Small size: 26x22x3mm;

9. Support patch and plug-in method (2.0mm), flexible and convenient;

10. Peripheral equipment is very simple, only need to connect MIC and speaker, single power supply can meet the basic use;

11. It can directly drive 8 ohm 1W speakers for voice recognition voice response;

12. UART returns the result of speech recognition, which is convenient for debugging and system integration;

13. Receive UART commands for function expansion.