Design of Electronic Cigarette with Bluetooth APP Dropping Function and Temperature Adjustment

2020-12-11 16:01:20

Our cooperation process:

1. Customer inquiry

When customers have demand for our products through the Internet, etc., they can send an inquiry request to contact Chengxin Micro Business, communicate and discuss the needs of customized functions;

2. Proposal

Sort out project customization requirements, submit functional requirements by email, and our R&D team will conduct project evaluation;

3. Quotation

The functional requirements are confirmed OK, our company will evaluate the development cycle and reply to the project progress and quotation;

4. Contract

Sign a cooperation agreement, send the customer's structural frame and drawings to our salesman's mailbox, our company arranges for the project to start, proofing and sampling for sample trial;

5. Assist in trial production

The sample installation is OK, and our company assists customers in trial production until mass production.

    Professionally undertake low-temperature baking e-cigarette IC solutions, with its own anti-lost function, with display APP supporting temperature and gear heating e-cigarettes lil the same integrated IQOS 2.4Plus, the same cigarette rod + charging compartment split e-cigarette solution, Heat not burn electronic cigarette PCBA plan board design and customization. You can use the PCBA control board cooperation model, or consider purchasing the IC to produce the cooperation model by yourself.

     No open flame, no soot, less tar, a small amount of nicotine, less harmful to the body, compared with smoking traditional cigarettes, the harmful components are reduced by 95%, Shenzhen Electronic Cigarette Solution Company specializes in undertaking domestic heat-not-burn electronic cigarette PCBA solutions, customized versions of low-temperature baking electronics Smoke overall solution.

Design of Electronic Cigarette with Bluetooth APP Dropping Function and Temperature Adjustment

    Heat-not-burn e-cigarette baking e-cigarette at low temperature:

    New electronic cigarette technology, less tar, a small amount of nicotine, no need to ignite an open flame, no soot, and no second-hand smoke hazards! This is the incomparable characteristic of heat-not-burn electronic cigarettes compared to traditional e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes.

    Heat-not-burn, as the name suggests, is different from traditional cigarettes. The “low-temperature cigarette” designed with the idea of “heat-not-burn” can heat the tobacco leaves just enough to give off the flavor without igniting the tobacco leaves. Under normal circumstances, the high temperature of 350°C to 600°C in ordinary cigarettes will produce many harmful substances when smoking, while the temperature of low temperature cigarettes is below 300°C. Heat-not-burn e-cigarettes Low-temperature baking e-cigarettes heats instead of burning tobacco. Insert a special cartridge into a ceramic heating sheet, a ceramic heating rod, a ceramic heating cup, and the high temperature generated by electric heating will precipitate nicotine in the tobacco to complete the smoking mode. Heat-not-burn e-cigarettes can easily replace cigarettes, effectively control cigarettes, assist in smoking cessation, and have very little smoke. The smell is not worrying, there are few harmful substances and environmental protection. Since no fire is used, soot will not be produced. And there is very little smoke, the smell is not worrying, the smoke produced by heating non-burning electronic cigarettes is steam. In other words, the steam disappears quickly, and the smell does not adhere to clothes, etc. The most important point is that the content of harmful substances is low, which is good for the environment.

    Low-temperature baking e-cigarettes Domestic heat-not-burn e-cigarettes are currently recognized as the most harmless, healthy and environmentally friendly way of smoking in the world, but whether you can quit smoking depends on the individual. Regarding smoking this low-temperature baking electronic cigarette, smokers commented like this: The rate of smoking replacement is very high, and whether or not to quit smoking depends entirely on personal will.

    The heat-not-burn electronic cigarette PCBA uses a high-performance chip design, high-speed and reliable main control chip, precise temperature control algorithm, five-fold output short-circuit protection, perfect charging short-circuit protection and flexible tailor-made functions. The heat-not-burn e-cigarette solution can increase or decrease functions according to customer needs, thereby helping customers' products to be launched in a quick time. Our company has the advantage of supplying heat-not-burn e-cigarette solution boards, and the low-temperature baking e-cigarette PCBA solution has entered the mass production stage. The temperature is accurate and supports taste adjustment. There are public-funded solution boards and also support customization. Welcome to visit and negotiate. We provide a complete e-cigarette program service, which can provide one-stop product services from electronic circuit design, Layout PCB, software development, prototype debugging, mass production services, and after-sales service.

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