Smokers who are often exposed to electronic cigarettes are more likely to quit smoking

2020-12-11 15:54:56

The study found that smokers who are often exposed to electronic cigarettes are more likely to quit smoking

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Will e-cigarettes have a positive effect on smokers? According to a report by the United States International Press on November 19, a new study found that if people who smoke cigarettes have long-term contact with people who smoke electronic cigarettes, they are more likely to quit smoking. The results of the study were published in the BMC Medical Journal on November 13.

Smokers who are often exposed to electronic cigarettes are more likely to quit smokingAccording to reports, Cancer Research UK funded this research. Researchers from the University of London conducted a survey of 13,000 smokers in England. The results show that among these people, 26% are in regular contact with people who smoke e-cigarettes, and 32% of these groups say that they have tried to quit smoking in the past year. Among those who have little long-term contact with e-cigarette smokers, less than 27% want to do so. Researchers said that this shows that paper smokers often come into contact with e-cigarette smokers, or are often exposed to e-cigarette smoke, so their desire to quit smoking is 20% higher than other herb smokers, and they will try to quit in the near future. Sarah Jackson, the leader of the study and one of the staff of the University of London’s Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care, said, “The use of herb smokers is getting more and more frequent contact with e-cigarettes. Some people worry that this will make the UK move towards 'Normalizes smoking' and weakens the smoker's desire to quit". Jackson said at a press conference at the University of London that "our research results do not indicate that exposure to e-cigarette smoke will weaken smokers’ motivation to quit smoking. Therefore, people do not have to worry about e-cigarettes affecting their health." Jackson said, an important factor in the study It is "Those who are often exposed to electronic cigarettes and paper cigarettes, they may also smoke electronic cigarettes themselves." A tobacco control expert from Cancer Research UK said, “So far, there is not enough evidence to prove whether e-cigarettes will normalize smoking again. Therefore, long-term contact between paper smokers and e-cigarette smokers is encouraged to help They quit smoking."

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