What can MCU do

2020-12-14 11:41:41

What can MCU do

The single chip microcomputer is a kind of programmable control microprocessor. The microcontroller chip itself cannot be used alone in engineering or products. It must rely on the coordination of peripheral digital or analog devices to exert its powerful functions. So we can not only learn the knowledge of single-chip microcomputer, but also learn the single-chip microcomputer. A chip needs to gradually learn the knowledge of its peripheral digital and analog chips, as well as its public peripheral circuit design and debugging methods.

The single-chip microcomputer is a control digital chip, and its application fields are very wide, as follows:

Industrial automation: such as data acquisition, measurement and control technology.

Intelligent instruments: such as digital oscilloscopes, digital signal sources, digital multimeters, induction ammeters, etc.

Consumer electronics products: such as washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, televisions, microwave ovens, IC cards, automotive electronics, etc.

Communication: such as modem, program-controlled switching technology, mobile phone, PHS, etc.

Weapons and equipment: such as aircraft, warships, tanks, missiles, space shuttles, torpedo guidance, intelligent weapons, etc.

All these electronic devices use single-chip microcomputers, and most of the main control chips in electrical appliances are controlled by single-chip microcomputers. It can be said that all electronic equipment related to control or simple calculation can be realized by single chip microcomputer. Of course, we need to select microcontrollers with different performances according to the actual situation, such as Atmel, STC, PIC, AVR, Sunplus, C 8051 and ARM. Therefore, mastering microcontroller is the simplest and most basic requirement for students majoring in automation or electronics.

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