The functional characteristics of the intelligent breast enhancement instrument program development

2020-12-14 11:26:57 hongling

The functional characteristics of the intelligent breast augmentation device program development

1. Intelligent magnetic energy electric field: Four magnetic energy electric fields can induce the resonance of the breast cavity according to the music beat and the customer's heartbeat, and produce the biological hand feeling of kneading, pinching, knocking, pushing, holding, squeezing, and stacking. At the same time, the breast cavity changes with the beat of the music The magnetic field promotes the rapid growth of cells.

2. Intelligent oxygenation and pressurization: It simulates 40% negative ion oxygen in the wood forest oxygen bar. With the rhythm of the music, the breast produces negative pressure for oxygenation, and at the same time produces a biological feel of inhalation and release. The negative ion oxygen is pressurized under the pressure of 3 people It can quickly penetrate into the microcirculation system, accelerate the microcirculation, and unblock the blocked catheter.

  3. Smart vibrator: Four smart vibrators are buried in a hidden way, which can adjust the direction and frequency of vibration with the rhythm of music, so that the breast can produce various yoga-like movements. The intelligent breast enhancement patch can produce the biological hand feeling of pinching, knocking, pushing, holding, and heaping with the rhythm of music. It can instantly open up the meridians, stimulate potential life energy, enhance oxygen content in the body, promote blood circulation, reconcile Yin and Yang, and strengthen the body Immunity, elimination of sub-health, internal and external, both internal and external, physical fitness, no evil, to meet the dual needs of health and beauty.

  1, breast enhancement, breast enhancement, butt lift (solve problems such as flat chest, left-right asymmetry, loose buttocks, sagging, etc.);

  2, correcting the shape of the breast, repairing the nipple (solving inverted nipple, deviation of the nipple, etc.)

  3, Guasha detoxification, cupping;

  4. The adjustment of endocrine and breast lobular hyperplasia have significant effects;

   5. Promote uterine contraction and improve sexual frigidity;

  6, postpone menopause, delay aging 7, improve immunity, prevent breast cancer.