​Development of static tester control board

2020-12-14 11:22:27 hongling

technical parameter:

Custom processing: Yes

Mechanical rigidity: rigid

Number of layers: double single side

Substrate: Copper

Insulation material: organic resin

Insulation thickness: conventional board

Flame retardant characteristics: VO board

Processing technology: calendered foil

Reinforced material: fiberglass cloth base

Insulation resin: epoxy resin (EP)

Product nature: hot sale

Marketing method: factory direct sales

Marketing price: discount

Electrostatic tester control board development design and copy board production performance

1. Single press to reset

2. Single press to display lock

3. Automatic shutdown when idle

4. Battery performance display

5. Function: Effectively detect the electrostatic charge of ESD workplace equipment, work surfaces and tools.

6. Features: LCD/level display test data, test data retention, digital clear display, high/low range.

7. Output: red LCD shows positive charge, blue LCD shows negative charge

8. Accuracy: low range accuracy: plus or minus 0.1kv high range accuracy: plus or minus 1kv

The above configuration information is for reference. Our company can make matching parameters according to different electrostatic tester control boards, different use environments, and different functional requirements, and can issue hardware configuration documents.

As long as you put forward the functional requirements of the product, or even just an idea, we can design the control circuit of the product according to your requirements to achieve the functions you want.

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