What are the hazards of inferior dental appliances?

2020-12-14 11:15:39 hongling

What are the hazards of inferior dental appliances?

There are mainly the following two major hazards, let's take a look.

Harm one: damage to saliva

Saliva is the secretion produced in the oral cavity of the human body. If the dental flusher is used excessively, it can easily destroy the saliva and cause oral diseases. Therefore, Fanglan Technology recommends that you never use inferior dental flushing devices.

Harm 2: easy to shrink gums

If someone is greedy for small and cheap, long-term use of poor quality dental flushing device, this is very bad behavior, will cause very serious harm, that is, the gums are easy to shrink, once the gums shrink, this cannot be recovered anyway, although Nowadays, dental technology is very advanced, but there is still no way to solve the problem of gingival recession until now. Therefore, in order to protect the teeth, it is necessary to avoid these two hazards, as long as two things are done, do not use the flushing device frequently, and do not use the inferior dental flushing device.

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