Smart flushing device/tooth cleaner/tooth scaler/beauty pen control board development and development PCBA circuit production

2020-12-14 11:00:24 hongling

Smart teeth flusher/tooth cleaner/tooth cleaner/toothbrush control board development and development of PCBA circuit production product overview:

01 Push the V5 switch up one click. At this time, it is a gentle gear, and then push to the top grid. It is a standard gear. Pull back* the bottom is off.

02 V5 needs to use the matching charger (input: 100-240VAC, output: 5.0VDC (no load 5.0V±0.25V) 300mA~1A) to charge, the full charging time is about 8H (7±1H)

03 The switch is not triggered during work, it will automatically shut down after 2 minutes.