Professional customized development of Actions’ recording pen program

2020-12-14 10:59:30 fandoukeji

Professional customized development of Actions’ recording pen program

   Since 2008, we have successfully developed and mass-produced voice recorder products for many customers. The solutions are mature and the quality is high. The products are exported to Europe and the United States. There are mature prototypes for reference. Our story machine has the following advantages:

   1. Direct recording is in MP3 format, which is much higher in sound quality than ADPCM format recording and comparable to professional voice recorders;

  2. High sampling rate, true restoration of the scene, sampling rate up to 192KBPS, normal 128kbps;

  3. Good scalability; with serial port, SPI port and other communication interfaces, it can communicate with other parts and expand its functions;

  4. The storage medium is complete, NAND FLASH can be built-in, SD card can be supported, U disk can be read directly, and computer can be connected.

  5. Strong customization: The screen can directly drive the digital tube screen, segment LCD, dot matrix LCD, color screen, and remote control.

  6. Short development time: Generally, the product can be mass-produced within one month;

  7. Development and production are integrated, and warranty service is provided, which completely eliminates customers' worries;

8. Strong strength: It has its own placement machine, bonding machine, PCB factory, LCD assembly factory, complete machine assembly factory, and a stable supplier with supporting, which can well control the progress and deployment plan and can systematically manage quality .