Air purifier control panel Intelligent control one-key child lock

2020-12-14 11:19:17 fandoukeji

Air purifier control panel Intelligent control one-key child lock

v LED indicator RGB lights, display the operating status of various functions, clearly display the operation interface;

v Realize 3 gear wind speed control;

v UV ultraviolet lamp, easy to achieve sterilization function;

v One-key child lock: After pressing the child lock button, other keys are invalid;

v Timing shutdown: 8 hours or more timing shutdown time can be set;

v Automatically control the wind speed according to the air quality, and can display the intelligent operation status;

v Reminder of filter cleaning and replacement;

v Different colors of RGB lights to show the air quality (AQI) level;

v Automatic sleep function: After the lights in the house dim for 30 minutes, the wind speed is automatically adjusted to a gear and enters silent operation;

v Air freshening function: can display the working status of negative ions;

v Pre-selected temperature and humidity display function: can display the value of temperature and humidity;

v Ozone sterilization function;

v Pre-selected carbon dioxide concentration time-to-time detection function;

The above functions are for reference only, and control circuit boards for household appliances/automobiles/medical electronics can be customized according to customer's functional requirements