Washing machine drive controller

2020-12-14 10:40:02 fandoukeji

Washing machine drive controller

Hand push type scrubber control drive motor

Product performance characteristics:

1. Using Pww control mode to make the machine start smoother without frustration;

2. There are two speed control modes of 0-5K resistance type and 0-5V voltage type for customers to choose. Equipped with our company's control panel, it can realize high, medium and low or 5-gear control modes;

3. The controller has HPD startup self-check protection function to prevent the sudden operation of the vehicle due to accelerator or misoperation when the controller is powered on

4. When the key switch is turned off during driving, the vehicle will gradually decelerate and stop running and will not stop suddenly to protect other components;

5. This controller has overvoltage/undervoltage protection functions, and has overcurrent protection functions, power-on self-check functions and other series of protection modules are equipped with our company's control panel to display fault codes, which is convenient for maintenance personnel as soon as possible

Troubleshoot the point of failure.