Brief Introduction of PCBA OEM Production Cleaning Tail

2019-08-09 12:32:08

Brief Introduction of PCBA OEM Production Cleaning Tail

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This paper briefly describes that PCBA OEM is actually the product closing order produced by the production line. Some PCBA OEM factories are procrastinating in the end-clearing stage and the quality of delivery is poor, which affects the delivery time of customers and leaves a bad impression on customers. In fact, PCBA tail cleaning is a very important link.

If the PCBA OEM production is not in time to clear the tail, it will cause many drawbacks. For example, it is a waste of time to replenish the tail several times, which will lead to the increase of production costs. Each replenishment needs to stop the line, the value of optical stop time is far greater than the value of the replenishment. It will also prolong the delivery time of products, which will bring some troubles to customers. In fact, some measures can be taken to improve the efficiency of PCBA tail cleaning.

1. About 50 PCB boards before the product goes off the line. The line operator cleans up the inside of the machine and the bulk materials of the garbage bin with the material belt. The QC of the intermediate inspection divides the materials according to the specifications and material numbers, and makes the corresponding hand-pasted record forms, and the QC checks and confirms the signature.

2. Operators or on-line technicians are advised to check QC from machine program jumping for hand-repairing, and to mark the level number of hand-pasted materials on the board. Only after quality control checks OK can the furnace pass.

3. If due to material loss, the number of missing materials will be counted in time after hand-pasting, and the QC will be checked for the second time by the operator or team leader of the line. Finally, according to the wear and tear out the material application form.

4. Nuclear material must be accurately compensated to avoid doing unnecessary work many times.

The speed and quality of PCBA tail cleaning can reflect the service level of a PCBA processing plant.