Application of Internet of Things in Family and Finance

2019-08-09 12:12:52

Application of Internet of Things in Family and Finance

Smart home uses advanced computer, embedded system, wireless module and network communication to connect all kinds of equipment (such as lighting, environmental control, security system, network appliances) in the home through the home network. On the one hand, smart home makes it easier for users to manage household devices; on the other hand, various devices in smart home can communicate with each other, and do not need human operation, self-organizing services for users.

We are aware that the world is becoming "small" and the earth is becoming "flat". Our living environment and living conditions have undergone significant changes compared with any era, whether at the economic, social or technological level. The current Golden Touch tsunami, global climate change, energy crisis or security issues force us to look at the past. It is also a variety of crises that enable mankind to stand on the threshold of a new development for the future - we hope that our living environment will become more "wise". As a result, new terms such as "wisdom earth", "perception of China", "smart city", "smart community", "smart building" and "smart home" have been born. They will Real terrain resounds and changes our lives.

Finance and Services

The birth of the Internet of Things extends and extends business to any goods. It really breaks through the constraints of space and time in information collection, exchange and communication. It enables the participants in business activities to acquire and collect business information in real time at any time and anywhere, and get rid of the constraints of fixed equipment and network environment. Through the wireless communication module, the concepts of "mobile payment", "mobile shopping", "mobile wallet", "mobile bank", "electronic ticket" emerge in endlessly.

In addition, by networking the financial institutions of the state, provinces, cities, counties and towns, we can establish a platform for information sharing among financial departments, effectively curb the spread of risks caused by the lack of effective supervision in traditional financial markets, and safeguard national economic security and financial stability.