What items does PCBA foundry material include?

2020-12-15 11:38:02

What items does PCBA foundry material include?

What is pcba OEM processing?

What is PCBA foundry material?

In a narrow sense, PCBA OEM materials refer to the services of providing electronic components purchasing and PCBA processing.

In a broad sense, PCBA OEM materials refer to the provision of a complete set of PCBA processing services from electronic program filing, electronic product development, material purchasing, prototype proofing and testing, and later batch production.

What types of PCBA foundries are there?


Mainly focus on electronic program development (either forward or reverse) and electronic product design. The company focuses on the research and development of electronic products, and can also provide small and medium batch PCBA processing and corresponding material purchasing.


The company has several SMT chip processing production lines, which can provide efficient electronic product processing services. However, fewer resources are provided for product development, and customers are generally required to provide relevant technical documents for processing.

What should be considered when choosing a PCBA foundry?

How to choose a PCBA OEM factory should be based on your own needs. If you have relevant PCB documents, you only need to follow-up processing and production. Usually, the processing-oriented PCBA OEM factory has a greater price advantage, especially for some large ones. Batch consumer, security and other electronic products processing. If products need to be developed from scratch, such as some professional industrial control equipment motherboards, instrument control systems, automotive equipment boards, etc., it is relatively better to choose technology-led PCBA foundry.

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