How to treat smart homes entering a period of rapid development

2020-12-11 17:14:36

With the improvement of consumption levels, technology has penetrated more into life. With the development of the Internet of Things and the introduction of wireless communication technologies, smart homes have gradually become the focus of everyone's discussion, and smart homes have entered a period of rapid development.

Smart home improves the quality of life

The door intercom at home, the lights that can be controlled by a tablet computer, the automatic curtains in the living room... These are the smart homes we first learned about, smart TVs at home, sweeping robots, indoor and outdoor security... These are what we will use now With the increase in consumption levels of the smart home products, smart homes seem to have been inadvertently immersed in the home life.

Smart home is a residential platform, using integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology to integrate the lighting system, security system, digital cinema system, network home appliances, curtain control, air conditioning control, etc. The parts are connected together to provide a management system with multiple functions such as smart lighting, smart security, home entertainment, environmental control, automatic meter reading health monitoring, smart kitchen and bathroom, parking management, etc.

In the use of smart home products, when smart curtains are used with smart windows, the opening of curtains and windows can be controlled remotely, eliminating the worry of forgetting to close the windows when it rains outside. The rice cooker can be turned on and off by remote control, and the cooking time can be started at any time. When the smart door lock is used in combination with a high-definition camera, the owner of the house can directly open the door remotely, eliminating the awkwardness of waiting outside the door. After the smart air purifier is turned on remotely in advance, you can enjoy the fresh air in the house when you go home from get off work.

Smart home allows users to operate through touch screen, handheld remote control, voice control and other means, so that multiple devices in the home produce a linkage response, thereby bringing users a more convenient, comfortable and efficient way of family living space management.

Smart home extends to family space

The reporter learned that there are two main types of consumption paths for smart homes. One is to purchase smart home products. During the interview, the reporter found that most consumer groups in the 80s and 90s are willing to try to buy sweeping robots, Smart TVs, smart toilets and other smart home items, so as to experience the convenience of life brought by the items. The other is to arrange a complete set of smart home systems, that is, businesses provide a complete solution to enjoy a larger area of smart home life. As for the layout of smart homes, home security systems have become the first choice for users when choosing smart homes due to the rigidity of their needs. Secondly, smart lighting systems and home audio-visual and entertainment systems have also attracted much attention.

The reporter found on some shopping websites that some lighting brands have long used smart lighting as a selling point. When the mobile phone is installed with the corresponding APP, the owner can control multiple lights in the room through the mobile phone, and the price of such products has also become more and more expensive. The more close to the people. In addition, families with children also involve smart homes for safety reasons, such as installing remote-controllable cameras at home.

However, some people in the industry believe that the current penetration rate of smart homes is not too high. On the one hand, it is because of price reasons. On the other hand, it is divided by age. Older consumers still prefer simple operations, but smart homes are a trend in the future. , This trend may start to change from the post-80s consumers. In addition, from the current status quo, the demand for layout from single products to complete smart homes is becoming more and more obvious. Consumers will gradually start to consider arranging indoor and outdoor security, whole house smart appliances, whole house purification and other categories from purchasing a single product.

During the interview, the reporter found that many traditional home improvement companies did not specifically emphasize the smart home sector, but smart homes have been involved in the decoration business. The relevant person in charge of Rui Bowen Rongfa said that smart homes are now mostly appearing in high-end customers. A villa that has been renovated for several million will cost hundreds of thousands of smart homes, because smart homes need to be deployed from the beginning of the hydropower transformation. It is not just an electrical appliance, but a smart part of the home.

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