POS solution_POS solution_IC_PCBA

2020-12-11 17:11:01

POS solution_POS solution_IC_PCBA

Program description:

1. Embedded operating system, multi-task support, C language SDK support.

2. Built-in magnetic card reader, contact IC card reader, non-contact RFID card reader.

3. Built-in thermal printer.

4. Support multiple communication methods, such as GPRS, Wifi, Bluetooth.

5. Optional support for GPS function.

6. Lithium battery power supply.

Application areas:

Data collection and portable collection of catering industry, ticket booking industry, home delivery, insurance industry and various public utilities.

Hardware parameters:

1. CPU: 32-bit high-performance CPU.

2. Display: 128*64 pixel liquid crystal display, white backlight.

3. Buttons: 10 alphanumeric keys, 9 function keys, 1 power switch.

4. Charging port: 5VDC, 1A.

5. Thermal printer: 80mm high-speed printing per second. Paper width: 58mm. Support black mark detection.

6. Magnetic card reader: comply with ISO7811, ISO7812. Two-way swipe card, intelligent error correction.

7. Contact IC card reader: support SLE4442/SLE4428 memory card.

8. Non-contact RFID card reader: supports Mifare card, ISO14443A protocol.

9. PSAM card slot: supports 2 to 4 card slots, conforming to ISO7816.

10. Communication method: GPRS, Wifi, Bluetooth.

11. Language: multiple languages.

12. Lithium battery: 2600mA/h, over 50 hours of long standby time.