Electronic Module—Temperature Body Scale Solution—ICPCB Sensor

2020-12-11 17:06:07

Electronic Module—Temperature Body Scale Solution—ICPCB Sensor

Electronic Module—Temperature Body Scale Solution—ICPCB Sensor

1. Technical specifications

1. Large-screen LCD display, the display is as follows:

2. Rated capacity: 181kg;

3. Graduation value: 1D=10g;

4. Internal temperature measurement error: ±2℃;

5. Minimum weighing capacity: 20g, small weight below 5Kg is not locked, used as a kitchen scale;

6. Unit: Kg (default), Jinliang;

7. Low-voltage detection: When 2.4V ±0.1V, it will turn off after it displays "Lo" when it is turned on;

8. Overload reminder: “oL” will be displayed when the weighing exceeds the rated capacity of 181.00kg;

9. Working current: weighing mode ≤10mA;

10. Quiescent current: <5uA;

11. Power supply voltage: 3V, 2 AAA alkaline batteries;

12. Accuracy: 50Kg±4D 100Kg±5D 150Kg±6D;

13. Unbalanced load: 40Kg weights are placed on the front and rear 1/4 of the weighing pan to measure the unbalanced load, the maximum unbalanced load is ±5D;

14. The best working temperature: 10-40℃;

15. Storage temperature: -10-50℃; humidity requirement: ≤90﹪RH;

16. Boot method: 2.7Kg or more weight boot

2. Use function:

1. Weighing: In the off state, the upper scale is turned on, and the current room temperature and battery power are displayed. After the weight is locked, it flashes twice.

It does not lock when the weight is less than 5Kg and can be used as a kitchen scale.

2. When the weight is within the range of -5Kg--0.5Kg, after it is stable, step on the weighing platform to exceed 10Kg and then loosen it, the scale can automatically track to zero, display 0.00Kg, and continue to weigh.

3. Power on for the first time, in order to prevent zero tracking in the air, if the first weighing includes the weight of the weighing platform, "C" will be displayed to eliminate the weighing platform weight

4. When the weight is negative and exceeds 0.5Kg, it will display "----", it will automatically chase the zero before shutting down, and it can be weighed normally when it is turned on again

5. Low voltage alarm: When the power supply voltage is lower than 2.4V±0.1V, it will display "Lo" when it is turned on, and it will automatically turn off after about 3 seconds;

6. Overload display: when the weight is greater than 181.00KG, it displays "oL", and the weight is reduced to below 181Kg and returns to normal weighing;

7. Lock and unlock:

a. When weighing, the weight will flash twice and then lock, and the displayed data will be valid readings at this time;

b. After the weight is locked, there is a weight increase of more than 5Kg to unlock and repeat the weighing;

8. Automatic shut-down:

a. When the weighing is stable, shut down in about 10 seconds;

b. It will automatically shut down for about 10 seconds without any operation;

c. Unstable shutdown time is about 20 seconds

9. Precautions:

During use, please keep the scale on a horizontal and hard place, do not make the scale work in a sudden change of temperature environment, and the maximum weight of the weighing should not exceed 150% of the rated range, so as not to damage the force measurement components;

3. Calibration function:

①Weight calibration for the first time: power on, and the uncalibrated scale, after the weight is reset, put a weight above 100KG, the LCD will display the current internal code value, lift the weight, and display 50.00KG after stably obtaining the calibration zero point. 50Kg weight, after stability, display 100.00Kg, put 100Kg weight, when stable, display 150.00Kg, put 150Kg weight, write calibration data after stability, and then display "PASS", weight calibration is successful.

②Secondary calibration of weight: After the calibrated scale, turn it on to zero, put a 100KG weight, after locking, continue to put 50KG after locking, enter the internal code, lift the weight, and stably obtain the calibration zero point and display 50.00KG, the remaining steps Same as ①

②Temperature calibration: in the power-on state, press the "three short and one long" button to enter the temperature calibration, press the unit key to adjust the current room temperature, if there is no operation for 2 seconds, the current room temperature is selected, and the temperature calibration data is stored after it is stable, and then "PASS" is displayed ", the temperature calibration is successful, return to weighing state.