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2020-12-11 17:37:55

Brief description of Bluetooth kitchen scale program specifications

Brief description of Bluetooth kitchen scale program specifications

Boot mode: gravity boot or power on

Display accuracy: 1500 divisions

Calibration method: 2-point calibration: 2KG, 5KG

memory function:/

Power consumption: without backlight, the working current is less than 4mA; the average shutdown current is less than 3uA

Shut-off time: 4s after low-voltage display "Lo", shutdown; 10±2s after the weight is stable

Low-voltage detection: one or two-point detection

Button types: touch, touch, toggle

Working voltage: 3.0V

2402: Yes

Backlight: Yes

Temperature: None

Clock: None

Buzzer: None

Important parameters of Bluetooth kitchen scale

Unit: g, ml, Lb, oz

Range: 5Kg

Zero setting range: 10g

Lifting weight: 2.0Kg

Zero range: 2Kg

Introduction to the Bluetooth APP interface

The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, simple operation, and wireless Bluetooth technology to transmit the data of each user weighing to the terminal device to accumulate the nutrient components of the food, calculate the calorie, and process the data or make charts and curves.

Scope of application

1. Support Bluetooth 4.0, install IOS 6/7 series models:

iPhone4S, iPhone5, iPhone5S, iPhone5c, iPod Touch.

2. Support Android series models:

According to customer requirements, select the relevant Bluetooth 4.0 and install Android 4.3 models.