WIFI smart door lock PCBA solution development

2020-12-11 17:30:19

WIFI smart door lock PCBA solution development

 WIFI smart door locks and Bluetooth smart door locks are favored by a large number of customers pursuing the quality of life with their smart and convenient features: throw away the traditional key ring and enter the password to enter the home; relatives and friends come to visit, just send it by mobile phone The virtual key can save the trouble of handing over the key; the door is watched by a thief and destroyed by violence, and the mobile phone APP will also send a warning message to the head of the household. In the smart era, smart home products are slowly entering people's lives. Without the smart door lock, it is really LOW.

Smart door locks refer to locks that are different from traditional mechanical locks and are more intelligent in terms of user identification, security, and management, and are the executive components of the door lock in the access control system. Smart locks are different from traditional mechanical locks, and are a composite lock with more security, convenience and advanced technology.

Traditional hardware devices embedded in the wifi module can directly use wifi to connect to the Internet, which is a core component for realizing device networking and remote control to upgrade smart devices.

1. Two methods of adding equipment:

1. Scan code to add (the device QR code can be built in behind the battery cover)

2. Search and add (built-in wifi smart module)

2. Remote control door lock,

3. Multi-device management (front yard door lock, front yard side door, living room door),

4. Add three unlocking modes (in addition to password unlocking + IC card unlocking + key unlocking + fingerprint unlocking, an upgrade unlocking mode APP manual unlocking + APP password unlocking + APP fingerprint unlocking has been added).

5. Add alarm reminder to WIFI smart door lock solution (thief picking lock alarm function + test ban alarm function + anti-hijacking alarm function + low voltage alarm function)