Recommendations for wireless charger issues

2020-12-11 17:25:58

[Problem Solving] Recommendations for a collection of wireless charger problems

Wireless chargers have been in use for some time, and many users have experienced the convenience and convenience brought by wireless chargers, but there are also some confusions in use. Wireless chargers are a new trend of technology, and the Edsay wireless charger brand manufacturers feel that it is normal for users to have doubts. After all, not many mobile phones can comply with the QI protocol.

1) How do I choose a wireless charger?

Manufacturers of wireless charger brands believe that first they must meet the Qi wireless charging standard; then, the performance is better, the charging is safe and not hot, it has foreign body detection, overcharge protection and other functions; and it must be very convenient to use, for example, it does not need to be removed. The mobile phone case is charged and easy to carry; then it must be a big brand with guaranteed quality; and finally, the appearance must be high, and it must be high-end and elegant.

2) How to use the Samsung galaxys6 wireless charger?

For mobile phones to use wireless charging, you need to purchase a wireless charging base and a wireless charging back cover before you can use it. How to use: Connect the charger to the wireless charging base, then install the wireless battery back cover on the phone, and finally put the phone on the wireless charging base normally.

3) Do I need to plug another receiver into the wireless charger phone?

Some mobile phones have their own wireless charging modules, such as Nokia Lumia series and Samsung S4 5 6 and so on. These mobile phones can be charged directly on the charger. Some mobile phones do not have a wireless charging module, and some USB wireless charger receiver accessories need to be installed to realize wireless charging.