Software Development Engineer (Small Home Appliances)

2019/07/07 shenzhen Not limited to 10K+

Software Development Engineer (Small Home Appliances)

Recruitment: 1-2 software development engineers (small household appliances) aged 28-45; gender: no room and board salary negotiable

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in computer, electronic information, automation, applied electronics, etc.

2. Familiar with C language programming and assembly language based on MCU, familiar with the development of household appliances, humidifiers, wireless charging and other product programs, to design solutions in the shortest time according to customer requirements, familiar with the characteristics and applications of various electronic components and mainstream solution chips;

3. Have a certain understanding of hardware, familiar with analog and digital electronic circuits, have strong hands-on ability, hardware design ability and familiar with the peripheral circuit design of single-chip computer;

4. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, in-depth understanding and practical experience of relevant safety certification;

5. Provide technical support for the company's electronic component products, and recommend the corresponding design scheme.

6. Follow up the progress of new product promotion, timely feedback customer information and solve technical problems for customers, timely learning of new product knowledge and product knowledge training for company business personnel;

7. Hardworking, dedicated, sincere and loyal, able to withstand pressure and self-regulating mentality, with a good team spirit.

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